Hemingway Bright!

Hemingway is a simple weblog theme by Kyle Neath aimed at giving bloggers a great platform on which to customize.

I was really impressed by this theme. This one really breaks the monotonous ‘bloggy look’ that all of us are quite used to by now. All of our themes have this header, a content area, a sidebar on the right (sometimes on the left), and a footer.

Hemingway, is the first of its kind, to bring a different look to a blog.

The version is too dark in color for me (I hope for many of you) and is kind of hard to read.
So I took the original version, and threw some light onto it.
Thats why I called it ‘HemingwayBright’ .

My touch up on this theme, resulted in

  • A Page Navigation at the top, which gets automatically expanded if you add new pages. It also shows the current page you are looking at.
  • A Post Navigation feature, when you are browsing a single post, it shows the links for previous and next posts and also a link back to ‘Home’.
  • The Ancillary Page at the bottom, shows the number of posts and comments your website has, so far.
  • Changed the Date formats to be more universally understandable

and some more minor things.

Here is a screenshot of it
Hemingway Bright

and a live preview can be seen at http://playwith.wpthemes.info/
and How can I forget to give you a download link ?
Here it is. hemingwayBright.zip

Updated on Feb 03 2006 –
I fixed the problem with Pages that are having sub pages.
Please download the latest version from here.
Hemingway Bright 1.0.1

Updated on Feb 06 2006 –
Header.php contained the meta tags, showing my name on it. It was a ‘copy and paste’ problem. I removed it now.
Please download the latest version from here.
Hemingway Bright 1.0.2

Updated on Mar 08 2006 –
Author.php is now updated so it will pull the author details properly.
Please download the latest version from here.
Hemingway Bright 1.0.3