MistyLook Version 2

Here is the Download Link for the latest version !

The new version of the MistyLook theme is available now.
This version works with WordPress 2.0 series.

Features in this version :
1. Theme Options Page
2. Support for Asides / Quick Bits
3. Subtle changes in the look and feel.

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1. Theme Options Page

  • Now you can choose to hide some pages from the top navigation. Just select which ones you want to hide
  • Now you can specify the order of these tabs at the top navigation.
  • Remember, this one only affect the page listing at the top, and not the page list at the sidebar

2. Support for Asides

Many people wanted to have the support for Asides within the MistyLook theme.
Now you got it.
Select the category from the list, and any post you make under this category, will be treated as an aside and will be displayed differently.

3. Minor Enhancements to the style.
These are done just to improve the look and feel a bit without going out of the ‘misty’ look.

Download Version 2 !

Updated On November.21.2006 for Version 2.3.

1. contact.php updated to have an AntiSpam Question
2. index.php – added support for posts that span across pages.
3. single.php – added support for posts that span across pages.
4. page.php – added support for posts that span across pages.
– now displays the list of sub-pages(if any), right under the page’s content.
5. style.css – Updated
– Sidebar’s heading color changed.
– Textbox and the TextArea were assigned a background color.
– added a background image for images within the post,
that are float to left or right using class=”left” or class=”right”.
– Updated the style for blockquote with a background image.
6. header.php
Added the meta tags for keywords and description

Get the latest Version 2.3 !

Enjoy !