New Release of WordPress 3.4: Downloads

Good time of day, ladies and gentlemen.

We know that you’ve been waiting for this day, and it finally came – WordPress, version 3.4 “Green”! And we have to congratulate each other on this momentous occasion, WP and download the latest update!

In the meantime, we examined the code, check our templates, and found that some features patterns have become irrelevant for the new WordPress 3.4 “Green”, so we replaced them with newer ones. In total we have changed and viewed 14 topics, in fact, they are already available for download.

There are links to download WPThemes:


What’s new in WordPress 3.4?

  • Version 3.4 features the theme customizer that allows you to breathe new life into the themes you’re using or would like to use. Now you can adjust colors, backgrounds and image headers to your own tastes and needs, as long as your theme supports this new great feature.
  • The admin managing of your themes has been substantially facilitated. In version 3.4, you can finally browse a large number of your themese all at once without that drab annoying paging.
  • Page headers settings have also been refined: it has been made possible to populate your custom headers with your media library images and define the dimensions of your header images on your own.
  • Twitter permalinks in post are now displayed as embedded Tweets.
  • Image captions have been re-worked to support HTML (links, etc.) in them.