Shaded Grey

ShadedGrey has been one of the popular themes from our website for so long.
Recently I have spent quite a lot of time to include more features into it, still keeping the basic look and feel intact.
A Screenshot is available when you click on the thumbnail below.


Let me try to list the new features that this version has.

  • Improved the overall ‘Look and Feel’
  • Tested OK with both WP 1.5 and WP 2.0
  • Includes an Archives Page Template
  • Includes a Contact Page Template
  • Displays a list of Recent Comments on the home page
  • Displays a list of Recent Posts on all pages other than the home page
  • Provides automatic Page Navigation
  • Includes category.php, date.php, search.php for unique display for category listing, viewing monthly archive and for viewing search results.

and much more for you to explore !

and all of this with No Plugins to Install !

Updated on Nov 5th 2006.
Now the theme is Sidebar Widgets Compatible.

An Online Preview is available at

A Download Link is what you are looking for ! isnt it ? It is available here.

Enjoy !