The Improved WordPress Templates: Downloads

Dear users,

The new WordPress 3.5 release is still in development, so we are working hard on improving our WordPress templates.

This time we haven’t merely updated the styles but rather focused on discarding obsolete features and fixing security and template code issues.:

* In many templates foreach($posts as $post) was replaced with while (have_post()) : the_post();

* A potential XSS vulnerability was eliminated by displaying the Search field with get_search_query();

* Many obsolete functions were replaced with more uptodate ones;

* Fixed contact forms;

* Fixed Recent Comments/Posts critical bug in the Shaded Grey template;

* Fixed layout mistake of the popular the MistyLook template when displaying a single post without comments;

* Fixed search form style in several templates;

* In all templates a CSS-rule for limiting the image size by the feed column width was added;

* in the contact forms eregi was replaced with preg_match;

* Updated image attachments in the hemingwaybright, mistylook, and niragila templates

Please don’t forget that now you should set up the sizes of the post’s attached images in the WordPress administration panel.
The detailed documentation can be found here.

There are links to download WPThemes: