Well….this is not the second version. There has been so many times that this site’s look is changed. so it is not really.

but what you are seeing now, is a newly redesigned website, based on the “Light” theme by Stephen Reinhardt .
Why ?

  1. it looked so clean
  2. and I get bored to see my own designs, sometimes :)

but I spent some time to change it from a fixed-width theme, to a fluid width theme and made some changes to make it more like “my” theme. (Anyone wants it, anyone ?)

and I moved to a new server, during this re-launch, and so Forums and the demo site are not up yet. It will be up soon.

Thanks and get ready for our next theme release soon.

update 1: at 9.00 AM
Demo site is up and running now.
update 2: at 6.00 PM
Forums is up and running now.