I just managed to get some time and update the MistyLook theme to its latest version 3.2

The changes include,

1. Highlight the author’s comment. if the commenter’s email is same as the site admin’s email the post author’s email, it is highlighted with the border around the comment.
2. border:none; in style.css is changed to border:0; [for making it valid css]
3. Emoticons will not show the shaded background now.
4. Removed the hard coding of “Links” as a title for the blogroll.
Also made sure it looks the same as other sidebar content.
5. Changed the letter-spacing:1px; to letter-spacing:0px; attribute from several elements, to make sure the site displays properly for other languages such as Tamil. [If you like it the original way,you can change it back to 1px]
6. Added some spacing for sidebar’s list items, in style.css

Download it from Version 3 Page