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WordPress 2.3 and MistyLook 3.5

They have released a beta version of WordPress 2.3. I was testing it on my local install and it definitely looks much more promising. Inclusion of “Tags” feature to the core system is one of the major improvements. At the same time, MistyLook 3.4 needed some tweaks for it to work properly in WP 2.3 […]

MistyLook 3.4 is now available

I did some minor improvements to the MistyLook theme. 1. Single Posts now show the previous post and the next post at the top. 2. Added a file called “notfound.php” which gets included whenever you get a 404. 3. Changed the profile image that shows up in the sidebar. Its now available for download !

What is in store for you!

I would like to give all of you a heads up on what is coming up in the near future. It took a considerable amount of time and effort for making this complete List of WordPress Themes created by me and to create a Theme Viewer for showing a demo. but, it gave me a […]

My own Theme Viewer !

Well I have been releasing themes from this site, WP ThemePark, Theme Corp, and WP ThemeLand and people have asked me a lot of times, if they can view all of my themes in one place. So I decided to put them together and create my own theme viewer. It took a lot of time […]

New Theme : Paalam

I just released a new theme “Paalam” on my other website WP ThemePark. It is a 2-column, widget-ready and custom-header ready theme with a lot of other features that you can expect from me. Check it out !

Are you ready, Book Publishers ?

I have an idea to write a book on “Working with WordPress Themes”. It would basically explain the components of a theme, and will try to cover various aspects of customizing the wordpress powered websites. It will discuss the “pros and cons” of the various ways you can do, to achieve what you want. It […]