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How to upgrade your WordPress Theme for WP 2.3?

Post updated to use “Double Quotes” instead of Single Quotes, after realizing single quotes turn to apostrophe and causes the code to break. I upgraded most of my popular themes to make sure they work with the latest WordPress release 2.3. For anyone who is starting their blog right now, they can just install the […]

A Three Column MistyLook? Really?

OK. There are many people who wanted to have the MistyLook theme with 3 columns. This was one of the frequent requests that came in our Support Forums. I was always hesitant to make MistyLook a three column theme, because I was afraid that it would spoil its beauty. but when Kasia Nocek, one of […]

Introduction to

MistyLook is one among the most downloaded WordPress Themes of all time. While I kept on working on this theme, for adding new features and for adding support for the latest WordPress releases, there are other people who put in their efforts too. Many people contributed to the popularity of this theme. It includes people […]

GreenFlower Theme updated for WP 2.3

Green Flower WordPress Theme, has been upgraded to support the latest WordPress version 2.3. Check it out !

WordPress 2.3 – Privacy Issue – My Thoughts

WordPress 2.3 is officially released yesterday and simultaneously a new controversy started brewing as well. New Feature: WordPress 2.3 introduces a new feature called “update notification”. What it does? Whenever you [mostly the administrator of the blog] login to your WordPress installation, It checks the version of WordPress and any plugins you installed and notifies […]

MistyLook 3.5 for WordPress 2.3 and below

As I added support for WordPress 2.3 in the latest version of MistyLook [3.5], I added the function “the_tags()” in index.php and in single.php, without checking for its existence. This has caused the theme to break for earlier versions of WordPress. I did fix it now, and the fixed version is available now. Enjoy!