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Senorita – Version 1.1

A few people complained that the Search was not working when they used the Senorita theme. After some research, I found out the problem was the “action” attribute for the search form. In the Sidebar.php where you see action=”/” it has to be changed to action=”<?php echo $_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’]; ?>” That will fix the problem. I […]

post.php problem

A few of the users have been complaining about this issue in Connections theme and I believe it will be the same case in other themes too. Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required ‘post.php’ To resolve this problem, please open up the index.php file and look for the line < ?php require(‘post.php’); ?> and change […]

Header Image not showing up on Mac/IE

It seems to be reported by many people, that the header image of our themes, do not load on Internet Explorer in the Mac platform. I found out that the solution to that is, removing the single quote from the url attribute of the background property in the style.css file. In the style.css file, look […]

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Fix for Links !

WordPress provides a way to list your favorite links on the sidebar. None of my themes that you download from this website has that in-built. However when you copy the ‘piece of code’ from the WordPress default Installation into the page that is using one of my themes, it really doesnt look good and also […]