Updated version 2.0, for WP 2.1. Download it !

On a Permanent Link page, I wanted to display the previous 5 posts.

I searched the WP Community Forum, but couldn’t find one.

Then I got another plugin for Recent Posts , by Nick Momrik and made a copy of that and created a new plugin.

Now I present it to you Previous ‘n’ Posts Plugin.

The Usage is quite simple
<h2>Previous Posts</h2>
<?php get_previous_posts(6, ‘<li>’, ‘</li>’, true, $post->post_date,false) ?>

Number of posts to be displayed,
‘text to appear before link’,
‘text to appear after link’,
should_show_password_protected_post (true/ false) ?,
date of the current post,
should_show_excerpts_of_the_post (true/false)

Thats it.

Go Ahead and download the Zip file from previous_posts.zip,.
It also includes a ‘readme.txt’ file.
Just save the ‘previous_posts.php’ into your ‘wp-content/plugins’ folder in your WordPress directory and activate it from the Admin Area.

Always use the code from the readme.txt file, and do not copy it from this page.
the code that is shown in this page, is just to let you know how to use it.
Its not the actual code.

Let me know if you have any problems.

Enjoy !