Thanks to Matt, MistyLook is now made available to users. When I was checking out some websites using the MistyLook, I see the blogroll is not properly displayed when using widgets. To fix this, go into your sidebar widgets, look for another “Links” widget from the available widgets and drag and drop that […]

Custom Image Header, is a new feature built in with WP 2.1 and we made an update to our MistyLook theme to provide that feature. I would like to know, how many people actually use that feature. If you did, show us what you have done. and we are also surprised(may be proud) to see […]

A patch to MistyLook 3.0, is released today. It works fine on both WP 2.0 series and in WP 2.1 series. Check it out at Version 3 Page.

Our plugin, Previous n posts, has been updated to work with WP 2.1. Go Ahead and download it !

Now I am here with the new version for our FastTrack theme. It supports custom Image header, along with some nice little changes to the stylesheet. Enjoy !

I am so proud to release the first ever wordpress theme, with the “Custom Image Header” option. Our popular MistyLook theme is updated to Version 3 to accommodate the new Custom Image Header API from WordPress 2.1 [released today !] Download the latest version at Version 3 Page. Enjoy !