Next version of WordPress [2.1] will support Custom Header Image” as reported by Ryan Boren. [Change the header image with just a few mouse clicks] I am glad to say, the next version of MistyLook [version 3.0] will support it ! I cannot keep this as a surprise for long. Enjoy !

My version of the Light Theme, the one I am using for this website, is being released to the public. I called it “SpotLight” and is available at ThemeCorp. You can also check out my FlyAway Theme while you are there ! Thanks.

I took some time to update the Crayon World Theme. It is now widget ready and I also fixed the issue with the quick bits on the sidebar. Enjoy !

Someone by the name “Wireless” posted this image in our forums. It can be used as a header image in our MistyLook theme. Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas ! -Sadish

I have been fine-tuning this theme for quite a long time and decided to release it to you guys now. This theme is called “iLoveMusic” and is available at its own special page. Please refer to License Info page its licensing information. Try it out and if you need support, please go to our Forums. […]

That guy has responded and removed my theme from his site, so it can be downloaded only from our sites. I also changed the license information page on this website to reflect some of the recent happenings. Thanks to everyone who fought for us in this regard. Follow up to Please respect our Copyrights ! […]