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It really frustrates me so much !

Latest Update : Jun 07 2007. They removed those themes from their site. Thanks to everyone who have supported me.Thank you very much ! Everyday I spend quite a lot of my personal times in building and supporting quality wordpress themes, like MistyLook. Then someone comes from out of the blue, downloads the theme, edit […]

Shameless Rip-off of MistyLook

Theme Removed from his website, due to all of your support !.Thanks Friends ! This guy by name Charles, rips off our MistyLook theme, removes all the footer links and release it as “Timeless”. If you go to his page at please let him know what he has done is not right and against […]

Shame on this guy [ Resolved ]

That guy has responded and removed my theme from his site, so it can be downloaded only from our sites. I also changed the license information page on this website to reflect some of the recent happenings. Thanks to everyone who fought for us in this regard. Follow up to Please respect our Copyrights ! […]

Please respect our copyrights !

Recently I am seeing a couple of new websites popping up, that want to make a quick buck by using other people’s talent. Yes. Those people are not creating new themes by themselves. They just download themes from other site and host it on their server. The worst part of that is, they add their […]