Latest Update : Jun 07 2007. They removed those themes from their site. Thanks to everyone who have supported me.Thank you very much !

Everyday I spend quite a lot of my personal times in building and supporting quality wordpress themes, like MistyLook.

Then someone comes from out of the blue, downloads the theme, edit the footer and add his own links and share the theme for download.
It is definitely against my wishes and it is quite disheartening.

I have been crying in my License Page asking people not to do that, but some people do not want to listen.

They just want to get a lot of back links, by STEALING other people’s work.

No, it is not just my themes. He has taken the works of many of the wordpress theme authors like Andreas Viklund, Brian Gardner etc.

The latest one I found is . See .
I tried to contact them using their contact page, but that is broken.

The contact page seems to be working now. If you have a minute, please let them know your views. Thanks.

I have no words to express how hurt I am, but I will just say to the owner of “Consider yourself a thief !