Updated on September 06, 2005 :
Thanks everyone for your inputs.
After going through the comments, I finally decided ‘NOT TO SELL’ the domain as of now. but still I want to grow in other directions also and the details of which will follow.

A few days back, I got an email from one of the popular web developer, asking me if I would sell this domain to them.

I said No to him almost instantly.

but now i am thinking it over and would like your opinions on that.
This site has nearly 4000 links referring to it, (as per the technorati’s count in http://www.technorati.com/search/wpthemes.info)

There are more than 1000 hits on a daily basis.

when you just type in wpthemes or ‘wp themes’ and hit enter in Firefox, this site loads up.
(meaning google’s number 1 listing for these terms)

what is your thoughts on this ? should I sell it ? or not ? if you want me to sell it, how much I should ask ?

Let me know your thoughts.