Crayon World is the first 3 column theme from us.
It has been going through so much testing in our labs and is being released now.

Crayon World Screenshot
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WPThemes.Info has been doing only 2 column themes so far, and has never ventured into this kind of design so far. The main problem being, it takes so much time and effort to make sure the theme works across different browsers.

I think we have done our best so far and let you be the judge to see the worth.

There were so many occasions where consumers of our other themes, come back to us and ask “how do I add an extra column to your theme ?”.
when we say, it is kind of difficult to accomplish, they look at us as if we are some aliens.
This theme is trying to cater to those people. Now I can atleast say “Try our CrayonWorld theme”.

As usual, we have created a special page for this theme, at
Please post your issues / comments / feedback on that page.