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mistylook-wordpress-theme-with-custom-menu Following up to my previous post, I have updated the ever popular MistyLook theme to add support for Custom Menu when using WordPress 3.0 and above.
Please download the new version[MistyLook 3.8RC] and install it.
Your feedback will help make it better.

MistyLook 3.8 beta – now available

MistyLook ScreenshotMistyLook is the most popular WordPress Theme that I ever created. This theme has been installed on hundreds of thousands of websites. Download MistyLook 3.8 beta for WordPress 3.0.

Desire – New Theme by Sadish

desire I have decided to release yet another beautiful WordPress Theme for free, for all of you guys.
I named it as “Desire” and it is a three column WordPress Theme, with all the features you can normally expect to see from me.
Features like, “Custom Image Header” are only available on themes that I create. Not many theme authors make use of this API given by WordPress.
Check it out at the theme page and download it!

One-Column WordPress Theme updated

Recently I needed to play with a “One Column” WordPress Theme for one of my other sites. I tried downloading a couple of different themes by other people and none of them fit me well.
So I decided to take my own “One Column” theme that I last modified in 2006 and cleaned it up and added new functionality to it.

New WordPress Theme : DreamUp

DreamUp is a new three-column elegant WordPress Theme, I just released at dreamup
WP ThemePark.

Subdued – WordPress Theme for free!

I just released a new free WordPress Theme at my other site Theme Corp.