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GreenFlower Theme updated for WP 2.3

Green Flower WordPress Theme, has been upgraded to support the latest WordPress version 2.3. Check it out !

MistyLook 3.5 for WordPress 2.3 and below

As I added support for WordPress 2.3 in the latest version of MistyLook [3.5], I added the function “the_tags()” in index.php and in single.php, without checking for its existence. This has caused the theme to break for earlier versions of WordPress. I did fix it now, and the fixed version is available now. Enjoy!

“Be Right Back” WordPress Theme

Once in a while, you want to put your blog into a maintenance mode and fix some of the things in the backend. I know there are plugins available like this one, but I use a small custom theme, whenever I want to set my blog into such a mode. I called it a “BRB […]

MistyLook 3.3

I just put an update to the MistyLook theme, now at version 3.3 . Its a minor release as such there are no features added. The change log for this version is : 1. Fixed the height and width of the header image in the functions.php to be 760px and 200px respectively. This is the […]

MistyLook – Yet another beauty !

Without further delay, I invite you to visit MistyLook page to learn and download this new theme from us.

CrayonWorld – First 3 Column theme from us !

Crayon World is the first 3 column theme from us. It has been going through so much testing in our labs and is being released now. Click to zoom WPThemes.Info has been doing only 2 column themes so far, and has never ventured into this kind of design so far. The main problem being, it […]