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A Three Column MistyLook? Really?

OK. There are many people who wanted to have the MistyLook theme with 3 columns. This was one of the frequent requests that came in our Support Forums. I was always hesitant to make MistyLook a three column theme, because I was afraid that it would spoil its beauty. but when Kasia Nocek, one of […]

FastTrack Customized

Englishman in New York is using the FastTrack theme, with a different header image. It still holds good for the name ‘FastTrack’ and I like it very much. Check it out and if you have seen different customizations of our themes anywhere, please do let us know. we will put them under SpotLight !

SpotLight : acidfire

WPThemes.Info wants to congratulate acidfire at for porting some of our themes to a forum software known as e107. Good work acidfire !