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One Column

One Column, is a theme that is designed for people who wants to get their content a little bit more focus. Since I moved the sidebar, to be down below the content area, it prevents the user from getting diverted to something other than the main content. One Column Try it for yourself, and I […]

Hemingway Bright – Released

Hemingway is a simple weblog theme by Kyle Neath aimed at giving bloggers a great platform on which to customize. Hemingway Bright is the same, touched up by the guy from WPThemes.Info aimed at giving bloggers a great platform on which to customize, in bright colors. Go Ahead and Download from Hemingway Bright

NoLimits – Updated.

I did spend some time to re-write the code and do some clean ups on the NoLimits theme. Grab your latest copy at


‘Fleur De Lys’ It is now available as a WordPress 2.0 Theme. Go ahead and download it from You can also leave your comments on that page itself. Thanks.

Senorita – All New theme from us !

It has been so long since we last released a theme and here we come with a fresh new look ! We have code named this to be “Senorita”, we simply cannot think of any better name for this beauty ! Have a look at the screenshot here, You can play around with that theme […]

FastTrack – The Most Wanted !

I received so many requests to release the V2 of the GreenTrack.

Finally, I put my time and efforts into it and packaged it into a new theme.

I call it the ‘FastTrack’ v1.0