Winner : Pixel Perfect Design Prize

The latest version of this theme can be downloaded from Fast Track page here in WPThemes.Info

I received so many requests to release the V2 of the GreenTrack.

Finally, I put my time and efforts into it and packaged it into a new theme.

I call it the ‘FastTrack’ v1.0

This is how it looks like, on both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
FastTrack screenshot

A live demo is available at (latest version) and it is submitted to AlexKing’s WP 1.5 Theme Competition

Enjoy !

Update 1:
March 21 2005, 7 40 PM.

Derek from has reported a bug within the single.php file.
It was using a reference to one of my plugins, which wont necessarily be in other people’s configurations. I fixed the problem and uploaded it again.

Please download again to get the fix.