Dear users,

The new WordPress 3.5 release is still in development, so we are working hard on improving our WordPress templates.

This time we haven’t merely updated the styles but rather focused on discarding obsolete features and fixing security and template code issues.

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Good time of day, ladies and gentlemen. We know that you’ve been waiting for this day, and it finally came – WordPress, version 3.4 “Green”! And we have to congratulate each other on this momentous occasion, WP and download the latest update! In the meantime, we examined the code, check our templates, and found that […]

Good news, everyone! As you surely know, we constantly try to make our WordPress themes even better then they are now. This time we’re proud to present you some new great changes in them that will bring along an even better using experience! Let’s have a look at what changes have been made: 1. Added […]

Dear friends! We’ve updated our catalog of WordPress themes (including the all-time favorites like Misty Look, Desire and iLoveMusic) to make sure that their presentation is consistent and that they don’t contain any excessive links in them. As a result, we have decided to remove all links to third-party websites from the footers of individual […]

mistylook-wordpress-theme-with-custom-menu Following up to my previous post, I have updated the ever popular MistyLook theme to add support for Custom Menu when using WordPress 3.0 and above.
Please download the new version[MistyLook 3.8RC] and install it.
Your feedback will help make it better.

MistyLook ScreenshotMistyLook is the most popular WordPress Theme that I ever created. This theme has been installed on hundreds of thousands of websites. Download MistyLook 3.8 beta for WordPress 3.0.