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MistyLook 3.4 is now available

I did some minor improvements to the MistyLook theme. 1. Single Posts now show the previous post and the next post at the top. 2. Added a file called “notfound.php” which gets included whenever you get a 404. 3. Changed the profile image that shows up in the sidebar. Its now available for download !

Contest Number One : Results

Thanks to Everyone who has participated in my contest to name my theme!. This contest pulled more entries than I really anticipated. Just like me, most people saw some kind of “Hope for the Future”, “A new Beginning”, “A Glorious Start” and “Divinity” in that header image and that header image was the inspiration for […]

Removing the footer links

I get many email requests nowadays on this topic and so I thought I will write a post on this. Removing the footer links [either the one to my own website / the sponsor link in some of my themes], is against the license. If you really need to remove it, go ahead and donate […]

What is in store for you!

I would like to give all of you a heads up on what is coming up in the near future. It took a considerable amount of time and effort for making this complete List of WordPress Themes created by me and to create a Theme Viewer for showing a demo. but, it gave me a […]

It really frustrates me so much !

Latest Update : Jun 07 2007. They removed those themes from their site. Thanks to everyone who have supported me.Thank you very much ! Everyday I spend quite a lot of my personal times in building and supporting quality wordpress themes, like MistyLook. Then someone comes from out of the blue, downloads the theme, edit […]

MistyLook 3.3

I just put an update to the MistyLook theme, now at version 3.3 . Its a minor release as such there are no features added. The change log for this version is : 1. Fixed the height and width of the header image in the functions.php to be 760px and 200px respectively. This is the […]