Please go to and grab the latest version.

Yes !

WPThemes.Info is releasing its first WP 1.5 Theme…

Here I am presenting you a new theme called ‘GreenTrack’.

There are various WP Themes, from there I got the inspiration and sometimes the ‘code’ ;)
I would like to mention Kubrick of and Benevolence of

Here is a screenshot of the GreenTrack.
GreenTrack Screenshot goes here

You can see it online at (latest version)

This Theme includes the MainTemplate, Category Template, Date Template, Single Template and Search Template. It also includes a Readme.html to show you how to install it.

You are free to do any customizations and make it your own !


Update 1 :

Fix for the Single.php problem.
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: the_text_category() in /wp-content/themes/GreenTrack/single.php on line 47

Please Change the “the_text_category()” to “the_category(‘ & amp ;’)”
but no spaces in between & and amp;

Update 2 :
I fixed it in the package itself. You can download the package now to get the fix.
Thanks to the people who reported it, both here and also to my email.