When I started to see some themes for wp 1.5 appearing on the WP Forums, I thought WPThemes.info should jump into that as early as possible.

I played around with it and came up with GreenTrack and then ShadedGrey

Both of them received good response from the community, but then I got many emails from the people, asking where to download WP 1.5 and also other emails asking me to port these themes back to WP 1.2.

So I feel like, there are only a portion of the community trying out with WP 1.5 and there are still so many WP 1.2 users. (even this site is still running in 1.2)

So this time, I am going to create 2 versions of the same theme, and make it available to all of you.

Here I am with the new theme called ‘NoLimitz’

The version for WP 1.2 can be tried on this website, and the same theme’s WP 1.5 can be tried on my personal blog at SimpleInside.com

Its still on the construction phase, so let me know your thoughts and any improvisations you want to see.

once it is complete, I will make it downloadable.